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·Wen: Chen Shui-bian's move 'dangerous, deceptive'
·NPC session holds press conference on plan to build new countryside
·CPPCC holds press conference on 11th Five-Year Plan
Report on the Work of the Government (2006)
The following is the full text of the Report on the Work of the Government delivered by...
Report on the Work of the Government (2006)
·Report on the Work of the Government (2006)
·CPPCC supports government stance on Taiwan issue: spokesman
·Wen: We're keeping close eye on secessionist moves
·Premier addresses media on major issues
·China calls for Japan to properly settle Taiwan, history issues
·Full text: government work report (2006)
·Mainland keeps close watch over situation in Taiwan: premier
·Mainland ready for cross-Straits talks under one-China principle, on equal footing
CPPCC concludes annual session
NPC session holds 3rd presidium meeting
NPC session holds closing meeting
·China's defence spend in tune with economic growth
·Editorial hails successful conclusion to NPC's annual session
·Premier Wen, I have a question for you
·Editorial hails successful conclusion of top advisory session
·Right to environmental information should be written into Constitution: lawmaker
·Lawmaker proposes raising conscription age to cover college graduates
11th Five-Year Plan
·China hikes sci-tech input by 19.2%
·China to spend 14% more in building "new countryside"
·China to cut energy consumption by 4% in 2006
·Roadmap for good beginning in 2006: official
·China to see 7.5% annual growth in next 5 years
·Building new countryside, China's historic choice
·CPPCC members play active role in drafting new five-year program
Anti-Secession Law
·China aims to achieve national reunification through peaceful means: lawmaker
·Draft Anti-Secession Law proposes measures for cross-Straits peace
·President sets forth guidelines on Taiwan
·Anti-secession law backed by lawmakers, political advisors
·Lawmakers voice support for Anti-Secession Law
·Resolving Taiwan question 'entirely' internal affair: legislator
·Anti-secession law dispels people's worries in Taiwan
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