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Hello Everybody!Spring festival is coming, is a so special festival for china, also, for children, is like a big party. How would you spend your spring festival? What have you done was not important, but you become older than before´
Do you want to know something about spring festival?
Let's go and search more information!
   The first day in lunar calendar is spring festival, the red lantern decorate every street, along with the word "fu" on shop windows. The street become more and more busy, because many people go out to visit their parents and friends, children go to their grandparent's home with their mum and dad. The city is full of happiness and cheerful, although is winter but no one feel cold. Spring festival maybe is the most important festival of china. Every one has it own special way to spend their vacation. Some of them like doing some fireworks, and go to many places for relaxing, such as temple fair, WangFuJing street and so on. Another kind of people love eating and eating, but there really many knowledge about food, as for me ,I like making dumplings with my family, is really interesting! But some people, they prefer stay at home than go outside, they would like to have a good rest.
   Is it wonderful when spring festival come?
                                Stanley Shao
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