Organization best yet: FISU president

时间:2011-08-23 15:10   来源

THE work done by the organizing committee of the Shenzhen Universiade was the best yet, said Claude-Louis Gallien, the new president of the FISU, at a news conference on August,22th.

“It’s the first time we have had more than 10,000 participants. I’d like to say how much I appreciate the efficiency of the Games organization. Managing so many people in 15 days is not easy work, but they did well, which impressed me a lot,” said Gallien.

Gallien hoped that the students who competed in Shenzhen would keep playing sports in their universities.

“The Universiade is a wonderful school of life. You learn how to accept victory, handle pressure and share honor with others. Young people have gained a unique experience here,” said the president.

However, he thought some things could have been done better.

“The Chinese organization was not as flexible as we expected. First, the regulation was a little difficult to understand for everyone. We had to explain to others. Also, the security level was too high. It could be lowered a bit. But, I can’t say that you don’t need security checks. No one should take the risk,” said Gallien.

“All athletes coming here are genuine students, and good students. They came here to share. That’s the most important aim of the Universiade. They are not afraid of competing. They are here more for sharing, learning, teaching, not only students, but also coaches.”

“For example, we might add beach football, because our participants are mainly students, we are freer, and more open, and it’s easier to add. The highest goal of the Universiade is not to win gold medals, but to be excellent, in both mind and body,” he said.

Asked to comment on the preparations by Kazan in Russia, the host of the next summer Universiade, Gallien said they had decided to make the best Universiade at the very beginning.

“I’ve been to their village. It’s very impressive. Also, there are more sports than here. The venues and stadiums are almost ready. I think they are prepared.”

(Li Hao)