Cheerleaders light up beach volleyball court

时间:2011-08-17 09:05   来源:Xinhua

Volleyball babies enjoy beach time after the beach volleyball game at Universiade in Shenzhen on August 15, 2011. (Photo:

Cheerleaders are the most attractive scene on the court of Universiade beach volleyball event. People love to see beautiful girls in bikinis, the sea, the beach and the sunshine. And they barely know the hardship they suffered.

"It is really difficult to dance on sands than on the ground," said Guan Zijun, who became a cheerleader in 2003. "The sands are soft. When you dance on it, it's almost possible for you to control your balance, not to mention doing your dance moves.

"So we only could spend more time on practising after all matches are finished. Keep working is the only way to help us get more used to the sands," added Guan.

"I used my entire energy to perform every move, just to amuse the spectators and bring fun to them with my sincere smiles and dancing," said Wu Di from Guangdong University of Finance.

More than 40 games are held everyday in the beach volleyball court and these young girls have to perform three or four times during every match. Shenzhen's at least 30 degrees centigrade temperature and bright sunshine turned these girls "black beauties" in less than a day.

Guan showed the journalist her dark and bright arms. "None of us want to get a black skin. That's the nature of a girl. What's worse, the skin really hurts after being exposed to the sunshine the whole day."

But these difficulties won't stop these young, talented and persistent girls.

"The hails and claps from the spectators give me the passion to show them my best performance," said Wu Di. "Being a cheerleader also brings me a lot of confidence. I used to think that I didn't have a perfect body and now I know that what makes a girl beautiful is not only her appearance, but also her inner side."

Guan thought it was a good chance for her to meet different people during the Universiade.

"I met athletes, volunteers, journalists and so on," said Guan. "It expanded my vision and will be the one of the most precious experiences for my future career and life."