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Mainland, Taiwan export 207 mln units of 3G phones in 2005
   日期:2006-07-20 09:25        编辑: system        来源:


The Chinese mainland and Taiwan exported over 207 million 2.5G and 3G phones in 2005 -- 28 percent of the world's total, according to Global Sources' China Sourcing Report: "2.5G & 3G Phones."

The report, released on Wednesday, indicates that buyers sourcing 2.5G and 3G phones from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan can expect increased supply and more value-added models in the coming months.

Findings are based on in-depth manufacturer interviews, factory visits and surveys.

Report publisher Mark Saunderson said: "Surveyed makers in the Chinese mainland expect to increase output by an average of 44 percent this year."

The Chinese mainland's manufacturers are focusing on midrange and high-end mobile phones to grab a bigger share of overseas markets, said the report.

Taiwan makers will continue to emphasize feature-rich models as they cater to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM) buyers.

The 90-page report includes detailed profiles of 24 Chinese mainland and Taiwan manufacturers and features a product gallery with 59 top-selling export models. It also includes production and pricing forecasts as well as in-depth reports on major supply centers.

Global Sources' China Sourcing Reports provide proprietary market information from extensive factory visits and in-person interviews with China manufacturers. They help buyers make better-informed purchasing decisions.

Global Sources is a leading business-to-business media company. The company provides sourcing information to volume buyers and integrated marketing services to suppliers. It helps a community of over 484,000 active buyers source more profitably from complex, overseas supply markets.


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