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Mao 更多...
·Mao: Message to Compatriots in Taiwan  [2003/08/20]
·Mao Zedong: The Chinese People Have Stood Up! [2003/08/18]
deng 更多...
·One country, two systems  [2004/02/20]
·Deng Xiaoping on Peaceful Reunification of Chinese Mainland and Taiwan [2003/08/13]
·Deng Xiaoping’s Six Conceptions for the Peaceful Reunification (1983) [2003/08/13]
Jiang 更多...
·Jiang on Taiwan Straits  [2003/08/20]
·Jiang: All Cross-Straits Issues Can Be Discussed Under One-China Principle  [2003/08/20]
·Jiang: China Not to Abandon Use of Force if Taiwan Seeks Independence [2003/08/18]
·President Jiang on Taiwan Issue and International Situation [2003/08/18]
·President Jiang:"Taiwan Independence" will not be Tolerated [2003/08/18]
Hu 更多...
·President Hu offers six proposals for peaceful development of cross-Strait relationship [2009/01/04]
·Hu: Opportunity for cross-Strait relations should be cherished [2008/05/29]
·Hu Jintao: "Taiwan independence" activities doomed to fail [2008/03/05]
·Hu Jintao appeals for "peace agreement" with Taiwan  [2007/10/15]
·Hu: Nature of Taiwan Issue is China s Sovereignty [2003/08/18]
others 更多...
·Mainland to ensure continuity of Taiwan policy [2013/05/23]
·Top political advisor meets with delegation from Taiwan [2013/05/23]
·Yu Zhengsheng outlines proposals on cross-Strait relations [2013/05/23]
·Mainland's Taiwan enterprises association concludes key conference [2013/05/22]
·Taiwanese businessmen expected to bridge cross-Strait ties [2013/05/16]
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