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·"Beautiful China" progress expected from "two sessions"
·China's "two sessions" agenda has world impact: foreign experts
·Commentary: Escape middle-income trap to achieve social fairness, sustainable development
·Send "black sheep" of milk industry to prison: Chinese legislator
·Commentary: fairness, efficiency guarantee China's economic growth
·News Analysis: Growth model change key to China's continued economic sustainability, top economist says
·Commentary: A beautiful China also world's common desire
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·Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government
·Highlights of work report of China's top political advisory body
Premier Li promises more consideration to interests of Taiwan
I think as long as we maintain the 'One China' principle and bond of compatriots between the two sides, there will be great space and potential for advancing cross-Strait relations," he said.
·Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government
·China's top legislature concludes annual session, stressing "Chinese dream"
·Xi vows to fulfill duties as China's president
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·Chinese premier makes press debut, charting gov't roadmap
·Chinese premier reaffirms road of peaceful development
·Chinese Premier promises to further advance cooperation between mainland, Hong Kong
·Premier Li promises more consideration to interests of Taiwan
·Premier Li stresses reform, opening up
·China capable of sustaining economic growth: Premier
·Premier Li vows to solve environment, food problems "with iron fist"
·Chinese premier hopes big increase on Sino-Russian trade
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·Beijing smog stifles Oscar-nominated director in artistic creation
·CPC Central Committee maintains frugality campaign
·Yao Ming details his sporting "Chinese dream"
·China's defense policy key to Asia's stability: spokesperson
·China's national legislature gives 31 seats to migrant workers
·Former defense official denies Chinese hacking
·China hoping "two sessions" balance urbanization
·Lawmakers demand reform of China's food monitoring system
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1st session of 12th CPPCC National Committee opens
China's top judge, procurator deliver work reports
Wu Bangguo delivers NPC Standing Committee work report
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New nat'l legislature sees more diversity
China's Nobel laureate writes his own political story
Hurdler Liu Xiang missing political session again
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What the two sessions mean
NPC's power of supervision
NPC motions and CPPCC proposals
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18th CPC National Congress
2012 NPC & CPPCC Sessions
2011 NPC & CPPCC Sessions
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Li Keqiang endorsed as Chinese premier
Xi elected Chinese president, chairman of PRC Central Military Commission
Wu Bangguo, Zhang Dejiang shake hands
1st session of 12th NPC holds news conference on people's livelihood and social service
Standing Committee of 12th CPPCC National Committee holds 1st conference
New leaders of CPPCC National Committee pose for group photo
Chairman, vice-chairpersons of 12th CPPCC National Committee hold 1st meeting
Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping meet members of 12th CPPCC National Committee
3rd plenary meeting of 1st session of 12th CPPCC National Committee opens
China's top leaders join discussion with deputies to 12th NPC