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·Proposal on lowering marriageable age stirs debate
·Teenagers' health may become nation's worry
·More male teachers needed to "shape boys' masculinity"
·Chinese lawmakers call for more efforts in poverty alleviation
·Academic cheating should be a crime: NPC deputy
·Women deputies call for greater female voice
·Chinese lawmakers call for system to recycle e-wastes
·English should be allowed for overseas Chinese to submit comments: political advisor
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·Deputies: Narrow urban-rural cultural gap
·In pursuit of quality growth
·Will China's economy keep growing or slow down?
·China makes military budget based on strict principles
·Chinese economic planner confident in emissions control
·Web China: What you wear at the sessions also matters: microbloggers
·Public spirit materializes with action: People's Daily
·More sustainable growth
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·Full Text: Work report of NPC Standing Committee
·Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government
·Highlights of NPC Standing Committee work report
Premier Wen meets press after NPC session closes
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao greets the journalists when arriving at a press conference after the closing meeting of the Fifth Session of the 11th National People's Congress (NPC) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, Mar...
·Presidium of China's parliamentary session holds fourth meeting
·China's top political advisory body concludes annual session
·4th plenary meeting of 5th Session of 11th NPC held in Beijing
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·Premier Wen says to handle ex-tycoon death sentence based on facts
·China's premier says 7.5 pct GDP target not low
·HK to elect chief executive with vast majority support: Wen
·China not to loosen regulations on housing market: premier
·Premier Wen warns of another Cultural Revolution to happen without pushing political reform
·Wen says China needs political reform, warns of another Cultural Revolution without reforms
·RMB exchange rate approaching equilibrium: Premier Wen
·Premier "feels sorry" for China's problems in his term
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·Economic restructuring most pressing task: gov't work report
·China's property market regulation to continue: report
·Farmers' rights to land not to be violated by anyone: gov't work report
·PM2.5 new topic for political sessions
·China: Jobs first when formulating policy
·Stability a buzzword for upcoming sessions
·Lawmakers satisfying constituencies' needs
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·Quotes on companies' going global from political advisor King-wai Chan
·Quotes on small and micro firms from political advisor Wu Yijian
·Quotes on stock market development from political advisor Feng Peien
·Quotes on local gov't debt from political advisor Yang Xianming
·Quotes on land use from political advisor Liang Jiyang
·Quotes on financial innovation from political advisor Yang Kaisheng
·Quotes on grain security from political advisor Cai Jiming
·Quotes on fiscal reform from political advisor Liu Kegu
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China Finance Minister: Proactive fiscal policy
China's top political advisory body opens annual session
Two Sessions Attract World Media
  Agenda more>>
Advisory: NPC agenda for March 14
Advisory: NPC, CPPCC agendas for March 12
Advisory: NPC, CPPCC agendas for March 11
  Focus more>>
Wen expects common culture to resolve cross-strait political grouches
Wen says willing to visit Taiwan after retirement
Chinese mainland, Taiwan keep currency settlement channels clear
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What the two sessions mean
NPC's power of supervision
NPC motions and CPPCC proposals
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China's parliament concludes annual session
Journalists prepare to cover Premier Wen's press conference
CPPCC annual session concludes, members leave conference hall
Central Bank holds press conference
Chinese leaders join tea party for ethnic NPC deputies, CPPCC members
CPPCC members attend plenary meeting
2nd plenary meeting of Fifth Session of 11th NPC held in Beijing
Lawmakers discuss small business development on sideline of NPC session
CPPCC session gives press conference on economic development
Chinese FM holds news conference on sidelines of NPC session