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I-Ching—the Book of Change
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  The two basic Yin and Yang symbol can become eight Gua while each Gua consists three Yao (either Yin or Yang). What if we combine two of the Gua in the Bagua? There are 64 possibilities. Therefore, I-Ching contains total 64 Gua. The exact first time Ba-Gua becomes I-Ching is yet unknown. Strong circumstantial evidence showed that the 64 Gua and I-Ching was formed in the 2100-1600 B.C. However, no one has found the 64 Gua or I-Ching written in that period yet. Therefore, people of Shang period, 1600-1100 B.C. still holds the official authorship of I-Ching, Each Gua in I-Ching contains six bit positions. In the figure above, You can visually move the any of the two Gua in each of the columns together. They will become one Gua as appears in I-Ching. The name of the Gua in I-Ching is difficult to translate to modern Chinese and more difficult to translate to translate into English. We are not able to get into those detail here.

One of the most important function of I-Ching is to search the divined advice in decision making. It was not the sole sources for such purpose. People in Shang period (1600-1100 B.C.) , also used the pattern of the shell of a tortoise when it is some what burned. The explanation was very visual and intuitive. They don't seem to have a good documentation systems either. Most of the record found from that period were carved on brass, bones and ceramics.


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