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Deng Xiaoping’s Six Conceptions for the Peaceful Reunification (1983)
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  Meeting with Professor Yang Liyu from Seton Hall University of U.S. on June 26,1983, Deng Xiaoping further elaborated the concept of the peaceful reunification between the mainland and Taiwan. Deng’s remarks were later called Deng’s Six Conceptions, which can be summarized as follows:

(1) The core of the Taiwan question is the Taiwan question is the reunification has become the common aspiration of both the Communist Party and the Kuomintang and thus has constituted the ground for the third cooperation between the two parties.

(2) While maintaining the one-China policy, the two sides can adopt different systems, but the People’s Republic of China should be the sole representative of China in the international community.

(3) Taiwan’s “absolute autonomy” is not allowed. The “ absolute autonomy” actually means two Chinas. There should be some restrictions on autonomy, and the bottom line is that the interest of a unified state must not be harmed.

(4) After reunification, as a special administrative region, Taiwan Can adopts systems different from those on the mainland and enjoys privileges, which other provinces and autonomous regions may not share. The region can have the powers of a legislature, judiciary and final adjudication. The region can also have its own army as long as it poses no threat to the mainland. The central government will not send officials. Affairs pertaining to Taiwan’s political parties, government and army shall be managed by Taiwan itself, while the central government will reserve some positions for Taiwan.

(5) Peaceful reunification does not mean the mainland will swallow Taiwan, or vice versa. To reunify China with the “Three People’s Principles” is not practical.

(6) The proper way for peaceful reunification is to hold negotiations between the Communist Party and the Kuomintang on an equal footing. After the two sides reach an agreement, an official announcement can be made. Foreign powers cannot be allowed to interfere with this affair, because it would otherwise mean China has not achieved independence and would only give use to endless future troubles.

  IN these remarks, Deng Xiaoping fully, concretely and systematically elaborated the concept of “One country, two systems.”

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