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Press Conference of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council
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Press Conference of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council
Officials Across Taiwan Strait Say "Three Links" Is a General Trend
   日期: 2003-10-24 14:34         编辑: system         来源:

  Realization of the "Three Links" is a general trend and the common wish of the people across the Taiwan Strait, said officials from the Beijing-based Association for Relations across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) and visiting delegates of Taiwan's Kuomintang Party and New Party during their dialogue held January 5.
The "Three Links" refers to direct links in trade, transportation, and postal services across the Taiwan Strait.
It is against the will of the peoples on both sides of the strait to postpone the realization of the "Three Links", the officials said.
Both sides of the Taiwan Straits have called for the Taiwan authorities to lift unreasonable limitations and adopt substantial moves to pave way for the "Three Links."
Although the Taiwan authorities recently approved direct trade and personnel exchange between Jinmen, Mazu, and the coastal areas of Fujian Province, these are not the "Three Links" in a genuine sense, said Sun Yafu, deputy president with the ARATS.
The "Three Links" across the Taiwan Strait is an internal affair of China, therefore many relevant issues should be solved through consultation on the principle of One China, direct and two- way exchanges, and mutual benefit, the ARATS offcial stressed.
If the Taiwan authorities are sincere in resolving the issue, they should acknowledge the "One China" policy clearly as soon as possible and make substantial efforts to remove unreasonable policies.
Experts from some departments under the State Council also attended the dialogue and introduced the Taiwan visitors to the preparations the mainland of China has made for the "Three Links."
The 40-member Kuomintang delegation and the 22-member New Party delegation arrived Thursday at the invitation of the ARATS.

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