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Press Conference of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council
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Press Conference of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council
Contact and Exchange with Taiwan People Urged
   日期: 2003-10-24 14:34         编辑: system         来源:


Chinese Vice-Premier Qian Qichen Friday urged that work should be done to increase contact and exchange with Taiwan political parties, organizations and people who are against splittism and for reunification of the motherland.

This is meant for joint efforts to promote development of the relations across the Taiwan Straits and the complete reunification of the motherland, he said.

Qian, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, made the remarks at a two-day national meeting, which closed here Friday.

The meeting was attended by directors of Taiwan affairs offices of all municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions and leading officials of other departments in charge of Taiwan affairs.

Reiterating that the reunification of the motherland is one of three main tasks China aims to fulfill in the new century, he pointed out that although Taiwan's situation has undergone a great change since last March, what remains unchanged is Taiwan compatriots' stand of pursuing stability, demanding improvement in cross-Straits relations and opposing splittism.

He said the situation that the international community accepts the one-China principle has neither changed and would not change.

The vice-premier urged workers of Taiwan affairs to further promote across-Straits economic and cultural exchange and friendly visits, so as to realize an early direct link in across-Straits trade, transportation and postal service.


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