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Taiwan United Daily Editorial Calls for Early "Three Exchanges"
   日期: 2003-10-23 13:58         编辑: system         来源:

  Taiwan United Daily, in its December 24 editorial, called on the Taiwan authorities to start early "three exchanges" (exchange of mails, trade and air and shipping services between the mainland and Taiwan) and adjust the policy of "No haste, Be patient".
The editorial pointed out that Taiwanese enterprises are now in the critical moment of life or death. Opening "three exchanges" and making adjustment of said policy is already a must.
The editorial noted that the mainland has now gradually obtained a driving force for its economy in the international arena and the Taiwan authorities must consider if they can promptly catch up with the trend.
Meanwhile, it pointed out that despite the desperate obstruction by the prohibition as contained in the said policy, the cross-Strait economic relations featuring mutual complement and mutual benefit has become an irresistible trend.
If today the Taiwan authorities still try to obstruct cross-Strait economic and trade readjustment and integration, "perhaps it won't be possible for Taiwan to sustain the consequences, both politically and economically", and "therefore, they will all the more lose the space to engage in political competition with the opposite bank of the Strait.". Given this, if the Taiwan authorities want to talk about the relations between "enterprise interests" and "Taiwan interests", they must acknowledge the fact that notable changes have taken place in the backdrop of time and space".

The editorial pointed out that this general trend was actually foreseeable 10 years ago, but the Taiwan authorities only "sat by and watched the situation deteriorating, missed the opportunity, and even today they are still hesitating in taking action". The editorial maintained that the question now is no longer whether or not to further liberalize cross-Strait economic and trade relations, but is "how to handle and remedy "the highly deteriorated situation" caused by the miss of the opportunities and the loss of the bargaining chips".

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