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Press Conference of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council
Guangzhou adjusts traffic measures during Asian Games
   日期: 2010-11-08 08:59         编辑: 杨云涛         来源: SRC-174


GUANGZHOU, South China, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- Guangzhou traffic authorities adjusted preferential traffic measures during the upcoming Asian Games and Asian Para Games.

The officials held a news conference on Saturday night to announce the decision, citing security concerns as the reason to resume charging for public transportations.

According to the previous measures, Guangzhou practiced the daily odd-and-even rule in 46 days to limit the number of vehicles by their licensed plate number.

Public transportations including buses and metro services will be free during working days in order to encourage people to take public services.

Ji Yalin, deputy director of Guangzhou traffic committee, said, "The public transportations have had a rapid growth of the passenger flow since the measure was implemented on November 1, reaching 17.54 million per day. The metro service had 7.78 million passengers every day, doubling the previous numbers."

"It has surpassed the capacity of the metro service, which may result in potential accidents and reduce the quality of the service. Citizens' travel efficiency has also been affected," he added.

The traffic authority estimated that the number of passengers may further increase after the Games are open on November 12, which may put the public transportation beyond their limits.

Guangzhou citizens will received governmental distributions of 150 RMB as compesation and people who live in the city will receive 50 RMB subsidies.


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