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  Stretching more than 4,800 kilometres. from the western shore of the Pacific Ocean across the face of Asia, China is a country of immense size and variety.  
This vastness not only adds to the excitement of planning a trip to the country, but also to the dilemma of which cities and regions to visit first. When planning a trip to China, it is recommended that you don't try to see "everything" in one start-to-finish, whirlwind trip. Sure, you'll come home with some great pictures, but if you want to fully experience the country, allow enough time to really experience it. China is definitely the kind of place you will want to visit more than once. It is best to visit the major sites and cities on the first trip, at a relaxed pace, then plan to explore the country region by region on subsequent trips when you can experience all the different ethnic minority cultures and archaeological wonders. Keep in mind that China is a land of extreme climatic variations.  

For example during February you can travel the southern coast and enjoy tropical fruits, sunbathe on the beaches of Hainan Island or visit the Flower Festival in Guangdong. At the same time, in the north, Harbin is dazzling travellers at the annual Ice Sculpture Festival with giant ice pagodas, ice palaces, and cleverly sculpted panda bears. Meanwhile, Beijing is celebrating the Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival with illuminated ice lanterns, spectacular fireworks, and ice fishing. Witnessing the grandeur of the Forbidden City in the snow is an extraordinary sight indeed.

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