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Journalist conducts test of escaping from flooded car
   日期:2012-07-27 14:22        编辑: 王新妍        来源:Xinhua


Luo Yanyan, survival test participant, escapes from the flooded car and swims to the bank of the Ganjiang River in Nanchang, capital of east China's Jiangxi Province, July 26, 2012. Journalist Luo Yanyan and diver Cao Dongjun tested tactics to escape from a flooded car Thursday amid widespread fear triggered by the death of a Beijing car owner last Saturday in a heavy rainfall hitting the Chinese capital. They had life vests, two emergency hammers, a cell phone, a pair of high heels and a 28-liter can of oxygen that they could share in case of an emergency. When the test began, the car was hoisted up by a crane and dropped into water about 50 meters off the riverbank. When the lower half of the car was underwater, Luo and Cao could still easily open the doors. However, when the car was sent further down and three-quarters of it was submerged, Luo could not open the door by using only her hands. She kicked it open eventually. When the roof of the car was surbmerged, Cao tried to break the window, first with the cell phone and then with the pair of high heels, but failed. He tried the hammers and broke one window. In a further test, he removed the headrest from the car seat to break open another window with the two pins under it. Then the two escaped from the broken windows successfully and swam to the riverbank. (Xinhua/Zhou Mi)


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