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Mainland simplifies procedures for commuters
   日期:2004-02-12 14:19        编辑: system        来源:

  At the press briefing, Han Yusheng, deputy director of the Exit and Entry Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security also announced five measures to simplify procedures for across-Straits personnel exchanges.
He said the new package, which aims to make it convenient for Taiwan residents to come to and reside on the mainland, will be phased in as soon as possible.
The proposed methods include:
* Extending the visa period for mainland residents to visit Taiwan;
* Authorizing the Fujian Provincial Department of Public Security to grant five-year travel documents to Taiwan residents;
* Expanding the scope for granting long-term residence permits and multi-entry travel documents to Taiwan residents;
* Simplifying procedures for granting long-term residence permits to Taiwanese businessmen, senior Taiwanese management personnel and their family members as well as Taiwanese residents who study and work on the mainland;
* And providing one-year multi-entry travel documents for Taiwanese businessmen and those from the tourism, civil aviation and shipping industries.
Taiwan travellers paid a total of more than 3.66 million visits to the mainland in 2002 and 2.73 million last year, according to official statistics.
Edited by chief editor Li Guixiang.

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