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China simplifies travel across Taiwan Straits
   日期:2004-02-12 14:19        编辑: system        来源:

  The Chinese central government has drawn up new measures to facilitate communication between the mainland and Taiwan. The measures were announced at a press conference held by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on Wednesday. Zhang Mingqing, the spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office, took questions from reporters after the announcement.
The Deputy Director-General of the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration, Han Yusheng, released the new measures adopted by the Public Security Ministry aimed at enhancing cross-strait communication. The new measures include simplifying travel procedures for crossing the Taiwan Straits and making Taiwan residents' stay in the mainland easier and more convenient.
In the follow up Q&A session, reporters focused on the upcoming election in Taiwan. Zhang Mingqin reaffirmed the Chinese government's stance on the issue.
Zhang said: "The central government's stance on the Taiwan regional election is clear. We won't get involved. We don't care who the winner is. All we care about is the new leader's policy on the reunification of China."
Zhang also commented on Chen Shui-bien's policy of "establishing a structure of peace". He pointed out that both sides had to obey the "One China Principle," which Chen Shui-bian has never acknowledged during his nearly 4 years in office. He said that Chen's ambitions for Taiwan Independence were clear.
Zhang said: "On the one hand, Chen Shui-bian continues to provoke the mainland with his separatist words and actions, and on the other, he is announcing his plan to establish a structure of peace. He is a cheater. He wants to deceive and mislead the Taiwan people."
Asked about Taiwan spies being caught on the mainland, Zhang Mingqing said the Taiwan Authorities have intensified their espionage activities on the mainland, which will severely jeopardize relations across the Taiwan Straits. Zhang didn't release details about the meeting between the Director of the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office Chen Yunlin and US Under-Secretary Richard Armitage, but said the two have exchanged opinions on the Taiwan issue. He said the mainland would continue to push forward exchanges on all aspects in order to realize peaceful reunification.

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