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Mainland won t interfere in Taiwan elections
   日期:2004-02-12 14:19        编辑: system        来源:

  Chinese government said yesterday the mainland had no intention of getting involved in next month's elections in Taiwan,denying accusations from some on the island that it was meddling in the polls.
Zhang Mingqing,a spokesmanfor the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office,made the comments in response to a question about Taiwanese businessmenand the impact the island's coming election would have onthem.
We are not interested in whois elected,and we are not goingto involve ourselves in the Taiwaneseelections,Zhang said ata news conference in Beijing.
What we care about is thestance of future Taiwanese leaderson cross-Straits relations andthe reunification of the country,said Zhang.
He said the Chinese mainlandwill not interfere with or commenton how Taiwanese businesspeople living on the mainlandvote in the election.
If Taiwanese entrepreneurs onthe mainland wish to set up supportiveorganizations for certaincandidates,however,they mustabide by the mainland regulationson non-governmental organizations,he said.Applicationsfor such organizations have beenproposed,added Zhang.
He stressed the Chinese mainlandwill not permit or offer supportfor separatist activities onthe mainland.Zhang said callsby Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bianto establish a so-called frameworkfor cross-Straits peace andstability was deceitful.
On the one hand,Chen is benton having his own way and pursuinga referendum that wouldprovoke confrontation betweenpeople on both sides of the TaiwanStraits,sabotage cross-Straits relations and endangerpeace in the Taiwan Straits.
On the other hand,he hasprofessed to set up a frameworkfor cross-Straits peace and stability.
We think Chen Shui-bian's swords are deceitful," Zhang said.
He said that in the more thanthree years since taking office,Chen Shui-bian refused to accept the one-China principle.
Zhang also said a recent casein which Taiwanese were arrestedon the mainland andcharged with spying was beinghandled legally.He called onTaiwan to stop sending spies tothe mainland.
"This spying has serious effectson our national safety.Westrongly request that the Taiwanauthorities stop these kinds ofactivities,"he said.
Editor: Li Guixiang.

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