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Mainland calls for stronger agricultural ties with Taiwan
   日期:2004-01-15 13:51        编辑: system        来源:

Chinese mainland is calling for stronger efforts to promote agricultural cooperation between both sides of the Taiwan Straits. At a press conference given by the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office, officials pointed to the huge potential for Taiwan's cooperation with mainland provinces including Fujian and Hainan in various agricultural projects.
At the press conference, mainland agricultural officials pointed out that there are good prospects for Taiwan agricultural products to enter the mainland. They cited the mainland's huge market and the current low level of mainland-bound agricultural goods from Taiwan.
Ren Airong, Deputy Director of Taiwan Affairs Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, said: "At present, the mainland's purchasing of agricultural products from Taiwan accounts for less than one percent of its total annual imports of agricultural products. The mainland has never set restrictions on agricultural trade with Taiwan. The problem is that the lack of three direct links means that such trade cannot develop normally, raising the costs of Taiwan agricultural products' entry into the mainland market."
Ren Airong noted that establishing direct sea and air transport links is in the interests of Taiwan farmers. She called on Taiwan authorities to work for the realization of such direct links at the earliest possible date.
Also at the press conference, mainland officials noted that China's entry into the WTO presents abundant opportunities for cross-straits agricultural cooperation. They urged Taiwan businessmen to advance such cooperation by investing in Fujian, Hainan and other provinces to establish agricultural ventures, such as vegetable growing and processing.

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