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Hu: Nature of Taiwan Issue is China s Sovereignty
   日期:2003-08-18 11:06        编辑: system        来源:

  The nature of the Taiwan issue is the sovereignty of China -- a question of China's reunification or separation, Chinese President Hu Jintao said Monday in Beijing.
China hopes the United States would not send wrong signals to the "independence forces" of Taiwan, Hu said in a meeting with a US Senate delegation headed by William H. Frist, Senate majority leader.
The Chinese government's stance on the Taiwan issue is persistent and clear, Hu said.
The US has reiterated time and again that it will adhere to the one-China policy, abide by the three Sino-US joint communiques and oppose the "independence of Taiwan." China appreciates it, he said.
China hopes that the US side will keep its word and play a constructive role in China's peaceful reunification, Hu said, adding that he wishes the US Congress and the senators could exert a positive impact to this end.
The Sino-US relationship has been continuously improved and developed in recent years, and high-level leaders of the two countries have maintained frequent contacts and dialogue.
The two sides have made new progress in exchanges and cooperation in the fields of anti-terrorism, economy and trade, law enforcement and pubic health, Hu said.
They have also conducted effective consultations and coordination in some major international and regions issues.
Facts have proven broad exchanges and cooperation are not only necessary, but also possible between the two nations. The growth of Sino-US relations is in the fundamental interests of the two peoples and conducive to peace and stability of the region and the world as a whole.
Hu said it is natural that there exist some differences between China and the United States because they have different domestic situation.
China and the United States should, from a strategic and long-term perspective, seek common interests, take into consideration the other side's concerns, handle the differences properly and steadfastly push forward the sound and stable development of bilateral constructive relations of cooperation, said Hu.
The president also briefed the guests on China's domestic and foreign policies, expressing his thanks to the friends in the US Senate and the House of Representatives who have cared for and supported the Sino-US friendly ties for a long time.
Frist said he agreed with Hu on US-China relations, noting the US side supports US President George W. Bush's commitments to Chinese leaders and adheres to the one-China policy.
The two nations share many common interests for a wide range of cooperation, Frist said, adding that his delegation's visit to China shows the US side attaches great importance to the promotion of US-China relations.

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