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Condolences for Luo Yang
   日期: 2012-11-29 14:56         编辑: 杨云涛         来源: China Daily


Condolences for Luo Yang

The Liaoningis just the beginning of China's aircraft carrier development, and everyone who works in the field deserves respect. It's a pity Luo Yang died when the aircraft carrier achieved success. It's good to see more young people are entering this career now.

Yang Yu, commentator for China Central Television

As a military fan, I couldn't bear the sadness after hearing Luo Yang had passed away. Uncle Luo, you have created an immortal monument for all of us Chinese, and I respect you. All Chinese owe you. I believe you can rest in peace from now on.

Feng Shaoyi, 10-year-old student and child actor

Judging from the footage on TV of Luo Yang, I noticed he looked exhausted when he appeared on the aircraft carrier. He was overtired as he was both a scientist and a company chairman. Such pressure is unbearable for even a robot, let alone a human being.

Zheng Hongsheng, father of writer Zheng Yuanjie

The country should attach more importance to the health and life of scientists to avoid preventable diseases. It was previously reported that a missile scientist was knocked over by a car and died when he was on his way to buy vegetables near his home. What a pity.

Lu Qun, deputy director of the anti-corruption office at CPC Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection


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