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·Tracking the root of revolution
·1911 Revolution commemorative ceremony to be held Sunday in Beijing
·Museum in honor of 1911 Revolution reopens in central China
·Museum highlights Xinhai Revolution centennial
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·Revolution remembered
·Nation rejuvenated as it celebrates 1911 Revolution
·China will continue to swim with tide of times
·Sun Yat-sen's former residence: cradle of China's democratic revolution
China commemorates centenary of 1911 Revolution
  The conference to commemorate the centennial of the 1911 (Xinhai) Revolution is held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, Oct 9, 2011.BEIJING - China held a grand ceremony to commemorate the centennial anniversary of t...
·Chinese president's 1911 Revolution centenary anniversary speech published
·President Hu speaks highly of 1911 Revolution
·Reception held to commemorate centennial anniversary of 1911 Revolution
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·China works to preserve mausoleum of Sun Yat-sen
·Overseas Chinese call for unity to promote peaceful reunification as China celebrates centennial of 1911 Revolution
·President Hu calls for peaceful reunification of China
·Hu Jintao stresses strong patriotism, ethnic unity
·Socialism with Chinese characteristics only path to rejuvenation of Chinese nation: Hu Jintao
·Zhou Tienong: CPC, most loyal inheritor of Dr. Sun Yat-sen-led 1911 Revolution
·Exhibition for centenary of 1911 Revolution held at National Art Museum
·China commemorates centenary of end to imperial rule
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Special Program: The Revolution 1911-2011
Interview: Driving forces behind 1911 Revolution
Interview: Dr. Sun Yat-sen's role in 1911 Revolution
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Celebrate 90th Anniversary of Founding of CPC
Celebrate 61st Anniversary of Founding of PRC
Celebrating 62nd Anniversary of Founding of PRC
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Exhibition for centenary of 1911 Revolution held at National Art Museum
Photos of "China in Development 1911-2011" exhibited at UN headquarters
Art exhibition held in Shanghai to commemorate 1911 Revolution centennial
Beijing art exhibition celebrates Xinhai Revolutionaries
Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum decorated for centenary of 1911 Revolution
Exhibition held in E China to commemorate 1911 Revolution
China commemorates centenary of end to imperial rule
Sun Yat-Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall reopens in Singapore
China issues stamps to mark 1911 Revolution centennial
Xinhai Revolution trigger magnificent change of Asia