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Taiwan Authorities Urged to Allow Direct Links
   日期:2003-06-26 16:34        编辑: system        来源:

    Xinhua released a signed article Friday called on the leader of Taiwan's authorities to keep to his recent speech on the necessity to realize the "three direct links" across the Taiwan Straits.

  The article by Wen Di urged the Taiwan authorities not to put new obstacles in the path of "three direct links" (of mail, trade, and transport services).

  The mainland of China initiated the "three direct links" more than two decades ago. Over the past 20 years, the mainland had taken a series of active measures to push forward the development of economic and trade relations across the Straits.

  However, after the current Taiwan authorities took office two years ago, it had been reluctant to open the "three direct links" across the Straits.

  Although limited opening-up measures were implemented in very few areas and economic fields, more improper restrictions were exerted at the same time.

  The obstacles had incurred great economic losses to business and the citizens of Taiwan, the article noted.

  It said that the realization of the "three direct links" is in the interests of both sides of the Taiwan Straits. Taiwan authorities should take a real step in the direction as early as possible.

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