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Let Direct Links Honor Crash Victims: Taiwan Media
   日期:2003-06-26 16:34        编辑: system        来源:

    Missing Taiwan Plane Confirmed Crashed into Sea

  The air crash of China Airlines has made both domestic and overseas Chinese feel most bitterly sad at heart.

  Taiwan's United Daily issued a commentary titled "Do Not Forget China Airlines Air Crash Victims Be Honored When 'Three Links' Are Launched" on May 26 criticizing Taiwan authorities' failure in carrying out the cross-Strait "three direct links" which has resulted in the 206 passengers' death due to political reasons.

  Their deaths are totally to no purpose, lamentable.

  The article requests that when time should come the "three direct links" must be launched in memory of China Airlines air crash victims.

  Two reporters of United Daily were on the plane when it crashed, all fellow workers of the newspaper expressed great shocks and hurt about the accident. It is a black mark on both China Airlines and Taiwan's civil aviation industry.

  The article pointed out that China Airlines was a syndicate of politics and commerce. Since the advent of Lee Tenghui times, he had wanted to change the airlines, on one hand, to take its commerce advantage, on the other hand, to change its political color. When Democratic Progressive Party took post, such actions became all the more unscrupulous.

  When "three direct links" are still under talks between the two sides, the crash made people more enraged because most of the 206 passengers were not bound for Hong Kong, but for mainland via Hong Kong. If direct flight permitted, they might not be on this plane.

  are many reasons to advocate direct flight between the two sides across the Taiwan Straits. One of the most important is to maintain human rights. Flight safety is a problem of opportunity, one more flight, one more risk. If a normal flight accident happened, only fate could be counted, but if passengers died of political problem, are their deaths not totally meaningless?

  However, there are about 3 million people every year to risk the danger, spend unworthy money to fly via Hong Kong. Some one will lose life, it is inevitable soon or later. Can those victims ask Taiwan authorities for compensation for their ban on direct flight from Taiwan to mainland?

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