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KMT Chairman Calls for Three Direct Links
   日期:2003-06-26 16:34        编辑: system        来源:

    Lee Tenghui's "no haste, be patient" mainland policy has been outdated, and Taiwan should open the "three direct links" as soon as possible, Lien Chan, chairman of Taiwan's Kuomintang, said in an interview with the Associated Press.

  Lien said if Taiwan does not go to China's mainland for investment, other countries and regions will beyond doubt go there. Taiwanese authorities have no reason to deprive Taiwan's enterprises to compete with global rivals.

  Lien said that Democratic Progressive Party has been in power for two years, but what a life the people in Taiwan are living now?

  The Taiwan people can rely on their own judgement, he said.

  When Chen Shui-bian took up the office, he promised to be the "president of all people", but now his promise is going far and far away from the goal.

  He tends more to be the leader of a party, and therefore might concern more of the party's interests instead of that of the Taiwanese.

  This is a big harm to Taiwan's democratic process, said the chairman.

  Lien Chan said that Chen Shui-bian ever promised to conduct more interactive exchanges with the Chinese mainland, but whenever the opposition parties proposed suggestions about the exchanges, they suffered severe criticism.

  Apparently, Chen Shui-bian went back on his words, Lien said.

  As for the incoming election, he said that the most important thing is that Kuomintang should win when talking on the cooperation between Kuomintang and People First Party (PFP) on the 2004 president and vice president candidates' election.

  The two parties should nominate one competitive team, and under this premise, any possibility of who might be the candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency should not be excluded, he said.

  The tow parties' cooperation has become the will of the public, according to the chairman.

  It is not only expected by the KMT, PFP and New Party (NP), even the Democratic Progressive Party's supporters also agree with this, he said.

  When asked whether he would participate in the election, Lien Chan reiterated that now it is not the right time to mention it, but whatever decision his party is going to make, he will be for it.

  The KMT, PFP and NP may have several teams, but any possibility should not be excluded, said the chairman.

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